• Studies in Polish Linguistics, vol. V
Studies in Polish Linguistics, volume V, pod red. Romana Laskowskiego i Elżbiety Tabakowskiej, Kraków 2010
Contents 5

Aleksander Kiklewicz, A Distributional Model of Language Variants

Bożena Cetnarowska and Jadwiga Stawnicka, The verbs semantics and its compatibility with temporal durative adverbials in Polish

Zygmunt Saloni, So-Called Colleciive Numerals in Polish (in Comparison with Russian)

Elżbieta Tabakowska, The story of ZA: in defense of the radial category

Ireneusz Bobrowski, Sonic remarks on an unfair narrative about certain linguistic ideas of Jan Baudouin de Courtenay

Bogdan Szymanek, On word-initial plosive sequences in Polish

Adam Pawłowskj, Form word frequnencies to the cognitive map of Europe. Multidimensional scaling in the analysis of a multilingual corpus

Tobias Scheer, Edmund Gussmann The Phonology of Polish

Janina Labocha, Charles Zaremba Elements de grammaire historique du polonais

Studies in Polish Linguistics, vol. V

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